Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Beginning

All stories have beginnings. This is mine. Also, I'm a big fan of stumbling across a well-made costume and then finding the creator's blog of his/her experience making the costume. Brilliant, and so very helpful. Maybe someday someone will feel the same about this project of mine.

At this point, I feel it is pertinent to mention that this will not be entirely linear. If you're looking for a straightforward tutorial that reads "This is my costume, this is how I did it" with a nice simple layout, you should probably continue to look elsewhere. This is a trial-by-error process for me and I will be experimenting with the project as I go. I may do one thing one day, then change it entirely a week later, and the only notation will be in the updates. I have a learning curve and I plan on using it over the next couple of months as I work.

Halloween is inching closer (some people say I'm a little early, I feel like I'm jumping on this year rather late!) and I am preparing for my most ambitious costume yet. It's something I've wanted to make for years now, but have been too afraid, lacked confidence, or just too lazy (guilty) to actually do. But one trip to Lowe's, sixty dollars, and a destroyed pair of Steve Maddens later, and I'm pretty much committed!

I will be a draenei this year and no one can stop me!

I've scoured the internet for multiple methods of creating the digitgrade effect on the legs, and still have my own personal drawn up prototypes from years ago. Mashing many styles together, I've started a project that I'm real excited about.

My initial hesitant for this year came from funding; I'm a poor college student with a heap of financial burden (family trouble; ugh) to sort through, so I don't quite have the budget I like for this project. Before I could give myself the official go-ahead with this undertaking, I did lots of shredding around the house. Digging through storage bins, turning the garage upside-down, pulling things out of closets that no one knew we even had ... I think I've found ample supplies here to complete my goal and keep the shopping to a minimum of some of the random things ... like PVC pipe and adhesives.

My original idea was to reuse an old pirate costume from years ago, and simply make the prosthetic horns/tentacles/tail/feet. Figured it would be the most cost efficient way to go about this whole thing. I'd be a somewhat wenchy draenei, but a draenei nonetheless. With this in mind (though not entirely pleased with wearing a bulky shirt and floofy shirt on such a sleek character), I set out to plan for the rest ...

I drew up a sketch of what my costume would look like using the old garments. As I mentioned earlier, I wasn't really thrilled with the piratey look.

Side note: the blue wig is also a reused piece, from my costume last year wherein I retrofitted the Castle Crashers armor style, made it girly, and dressed up with three of my friends as the sexiest, silliest Crashers ever! Instead of helmets, we used colored wigs because where we worked, helmets and masks aren't allowed ... also, crazy wigs are way too much fun. For the draenei, I will be curling and styling the wig in a new manner. I am so glad I shelled out the extra bucks for the expensive wig that doesn't melt with the right heat tools. (unfortunately, the straight hair was too much to handle at work, so I ended up braiding it to the sides, if it's curled and tied back properly, I hope to avoid this problem again)

Back to the draenei.

I believe this particular Wao race looks best with the legs being showcased. Doesn't necessarily have to be bare, but at least streamlined under the clothing. That's when I remembered my old pair of brown leggings from yet another costume years ago ...

Thus led to this quick planning sketch. It's rough still and very possibly may change, but given the color of the pieces I had at home, I did a very quick wash over in Photoshop to give myself a visual of the scheme I was working with. I then wandered around in game for a while, looking at all the draenei NPCs I could find. 


ven the ones considered "simple" in their garments have such elaborate clothing (we're talking start zone included)! I guess I'm just one of the plain, poor, civilian draenei. I'll just go hang out in Lower Shatt ...

Either way, I'm excited and feeling very ambitious. Here goes!

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