Thursday, October 17, 2013

Home is Where the Hearthstone is

This was a quick project I did as a housewarming present for someone. I was foolish and didn't get many (ie. any) shots of the process. There's also really only two shots of the final product.

I used binder paper to make a quick template of the spiral and pillow shape (which, given the pen I used, turned out to be a very messy endeavor). I used the same patchwork-style for applying the spiral to the outside of the stone as I did in my Companion Cube pillow.

The pillow is made out of a soft woolen fabric and the spiral is polar fleece. I liked it because it was smoky with the two shades of blue.

You can't see in my photos, but the pillow is actually about 1.5-2 inches thick. I cut a rectangle strip of fabric and ran it around the whole edge to give the pillow some depth as opposed to just being a front and back stuck together. If I can get my hands on a photo that shows that off, I'll add it up here later.

I made the swirl design go opposite directions on each side so that if the grey were transparent, you wouldn't see a conflicting design in the blue. When you flip the pillow over, the design curls the other way.

Whole project took about two hours. It was a very quick way to kill time, but I still like it.

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