Saturday, January 3, 2037


Welcome to my little randomly updated project blogsite.

Costuming is sort of a hobby of mine and so Halloween is my official favorite holiday. I also enjoy conventions (though I've never had the time to do a proper costume for one, I'm hoping I will someday). Whenever I start brainstorming and working towards a new project, I like to jump online and web search to see if anyone else has done something similar to what I intend to accomplish. I pick brains and love viewing the tutorials other people have left behind. This is sort of my way of paying it forward ...

Here's to all the good ideas I've found from other people. And here's my trial-and-error method of recording what I accomplish.

The Blog:

This site will update periodically, sporadically, and randomly. Basically, only when I'm working on a project or think I have an idea for a new one.

As for organization purposes, if I have a new project added to the compendium, I will list it in the prospective sidebar spot as such:

Project/Costume (linking to the label that will pull up every post that relates)
- Project type
- Source/Character Origin
- Occasion/Year

I will try to remember to take photos as I work to supplement my description, though if you scroll down a bit you'll see this is very text-heavy. Although photos are helpful in showing the steps, there are certain details that will only be translated by word. I try to get progress shots as frequently as I can, but there are times where I'll get rolling and productive and it'll just go and be gone. The moment for photos will pass. Also, if I'm ever in a time crunch, I won't really be worried about pausing for a photo-op.

Anyway, thanks for checking out my little creative corner of the internet. Feel free to drop me a line or comment! I'm a busy girl (school, work, family, games!) but I'll respond as soon as I get a chance, I promise!